Areaarea of joining


Advantages of joining

Product advantages

The rapid rise thanks to its original product custom model, Our group with a product can have many different configurations for the dealer to choose. These configurations include decals, wheels, tires, shock absorbers, anti-theft devices, and so on. Customized, making the stars of the electric car can adapt to the individual needs of different consumers.

Branded advantages

Zhongxing electric vehicles with excellent quality products, covering the country's marketing service network, professional and standardized services, high-density advertising was popular. Our group has become one of the nation's most well-known electric car brands.
  • Decoration support

    Zhongxing has a professional store design staff, tailor-designed for the different styles and grades of standard stores, and provide the appropriate renovation funds to support.
  • Promotion support

    Zhongxing has a professional terminal marketing team, holiday or sales season, you can provide franchisees to plan, publicity, the implementation of all-round terminal promotional support.
  • Advertising support

    Zhongxing and the mass media has a wide range of cooperation for the franchisee to provide CCTV, Shandong TV, Jiangsu TV, Hunan TV, Anhui TV, Henan TV, Hebei TV, and other national strong media publicity and support. According to market demand, the stars also provide regional advertising support.
  • Material support

    Zhongxing has a large collection of goods and materials, can provide a set of professional and the system of the terminal to promote the material, such as: product leaflets, posters, hanging flag, price card, X display rack, arches, tents, promotions Gifts and so on.
  • Training support

    According to the demand, We can provide a full range of management training for the franchisee, including product knowledge training corporate culture training, Purchasing Guide training, terminal management training, after-sales service training and so on.
  • Product support

    Franchisees can be customized for local consumer demand for products, we will timely launch special vehicles to meet market competition needs.

1), agree with the electric car industry, and ready to pay for the electric car industry
2), recognized the development model of the European camp, recognized the European business philosophy, and can receive the company's training and guidance
3), has a good business philosophy, a certain degree of operational capacity, and personally operate
4), with good credit status and economic capacity
5), with a suitable and competitive shop, own or lease more than two years
6), has a certain channel network foundation, and useful professional sales, management team
7), can be completed on time, as required to complete the company's sales tasks, and strictly abide by the company to develop the regional management system.

Joined the request

Our group has become one of the nation's most well-known electric car brands.

  • New network dealers cooperation process

    Quasi - dealers for pre - consultation;

    Carefully fill out the application form fax to the company;

    Regional sales manager to field trips;

    The company sent an invitation to the prospective dealer to visit the company;

    The two sides express their intention to cooperate and sign a cooperation agreement

  • New network dealer operation process

    Pre-opening ---- reduce the risk of dealer investment;

    Market assessment, the company market analysis team to the dealer issued a market survey report and assessment analysis;

    Shop location, according to the local market business district analysis issued by the shop site construction of the book;

    During the opening process - to ensure that the brand successfully enter the market;

    The establishment of the opening team to open the overall planning;

    Provide professional shop image design;

    Goods preparation guidance, professional display;

    Dealer and Purchasing Guide of the basic training.

  • New network dealers profitability upgrade

    New listing to provide professional new products and image promotion plan, and targeted to carry out related training;

    To provide comprehensive after-sales service support, and properly handle after-sales accessories and guest back to ensure the smooth development of after-sales service work;

    For different sales schedule, unified planning promotional activities;

    Help guide the construction and distribution network development.