Quality commitment

The car sold within a year (excluding batteries), in case of the quality of the vehicle caused by the failure of the designated service stations are responsible for the warranty. Three packs of vehicles to see after-sales service card. If you exceed the warranty period or are man-made damage, you need to pay a small amount of maintenance costs. If you need to change parts at this time, you need to pay the company's uniform provisions of the fair cost of accessories. The motor is equipped with motor, due to quality problems caused by failure, brush motor within one year, brushless motor within three years of the company responsible for the warranty. All the repair station address can contact or obtain the dealer. Please read the instruction manual and important parts instruction manual carefully. The illustrations of this manual may differ from actual products. The company has the right to improve the product quality and performance of the drawings and change the product, without prior notice!

Three Guarantees policy

ZX electric vehicle After sale three packs operation

According to the "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law," the legal provisions, with reference to the State Bureau of Technical Supervision issued [1996] 53 document spirit, the characteristics of integrated electric vehicle products, the company after-sales service products made specific provisions, in order to effectively protect The legitimate rights and interests of consumers, improve the product quality civil liability system, please save your after-sales service card. With the card and car invoices can be sold to the unit or the sales unit designated service department to get the appropriate service. Please fill in the service card with the letters and letters back to the company back to the company archive.

1, in your car, please on-site inspection and commissioning, and the right to require sales staff to provide valid bills and warranty cards, as well as the repair unit's detailed address and contact telephone.
2, after the car, you should carefully read the instructions to master the correct use and routine maintenance precautions, if the electric car to the people who do not understand the use of methods should be explained, so as to avoid accidental damage. Please do not give electric cars to minors, pregnant women and hands and feet inconvenience to use.
3, the user according to the correct instructions for use of the product manual, since the date of sale of the product within 5 days due to product quality reasons for the occurrence of performance failure (refers to the repair, or repair the same performance after the failure), consumers may request exchange Or return.
二、Three packs of parts and duration
序 号配件名称三包期维修故障说明
1 车架 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
2 脱焊、变形、断裂、行驶跑偏 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
3 18个月/20000公里 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
4 修复或调换 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
5 方向柱、前叉、平叉(吊架)、单撑、双撑、后货架(含后扶手)、车把、三角板(不含轴承)、排气管支架、前后减震、排气消声器 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
6 脱焊、断裂、减震漏油、消声器破损; 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
7 修复或调换 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
8 外观严重锈蚀、镀铬层大面积脱皮 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
9 整车电缆 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
10 短路、断路或烧蚀 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
11 前后轮圈与链轮座(不含轴承)、鼓式制动器、碟式制动器 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
12 化油器、空滤器(不含滤芯)、油箱、油开关 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)
13 失效、漏油、开裂、破损 1年 性能故障(非人为因素)

三、Does not belong to the "three packs" of the scope and content

1, the user does not follow the "instructions" to use, custody, maintenance, maintenance and adjustment caused damage.
2, the user self-modification, repair caused damage, as well as self-decomposition, so that the original state of failure damage, can not carry out technical appraisal and analysis of the failure.
3, improper use of the user, the custody of good and accident caused by damage.
4, steel stamp and registration number does not match the vehicle.
5, loss of goods, consumables not three bags (fuses, light bulbs, brake pads, brake lines, shock absorber fork bushings, all kinds of bearings, spokes, pedal leather, saddle surface, bumper,
6, consumers choose to recognize the appearance of quality, after use due to appearance damage does not belong to the scope of insurance.
7, the use of manual within the scope of the provisions of self-disassembly.
8, without special maintenance unit agreed to repair their own damage caused.
9, due to quality problems caused by indirect costs.

  • 6)rainy days electric cars should pay attention to what?

    pay attention to avoid the water depth of the lot, to avoid the motor and other parts of the water.

  • 5)how to make the ride more distant?

    full of electricity: Under normal circumstances, the pointer turns green, you need to re-charge 1-2 hours; a full charge time in about 8 hours.

  • 4)summer electric car maintenance should pay attention to what?

    should be regularly maintenance Check the electric car circuit contact is loose, the need for regular inspection to prevent contact with the contact caused by ignition, heat, to avoid the aging and wear and tear caused by short circuit, string and other accidents.

  • 3)winter electric vehicle maintenance should pay attention to what?

    To develop the day to use the day of the habit of charging, riding every day no matter how far away, come back to be filled with. Do not wait for the battery to run out after the charge. The battery must be fully charged before long-term deactivation, and then stored in the specified environment. Although it is not necessary to charge once a month, this is an important measure to protect and extend the life of lead-acid batteries

  • 2)how to maintain the battery?

    long-term use of electric vehicle batteries will lead to battery water loss. Electric car in the use of 8-10 months or when charging the power box when the best hot to the professional maintenance point for the depth of maintenance.

  • 1)how to properly charge?

    when the electric car on the power indicator pointer at the lowest or near the lowest position, the electric car is the best charge, is conducive to the battery life. If the daily mileage of 5-10KM, it is recommended that you do not charge, that is not to short mileage, ground charge. Otherwise it will cause the battery life to terminate prematurely. Charging time control in 4-12 hours, not long charge.