Today and the future, the passion of technology, never change

Zhongxing Group, founded in 1991, is a state-level large group company, located in China Motorcycle, electric vehicle production base one of Jiangsu Wuxi, is the National Development and Reform Commission "Notice" within the motorcycle, engine, electric car production enterprises, The company occupies more than 250,000 square meters, the total assets of over 500 million yuan, nearly 1,000 employees.

Companies in the industry took the lead through the national compulsory product certification, the national motorcycle production access to the whole assessment (two and three motorcycles). As early as 1999 the company passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, and in 2002, 2008, respectively, completed the ISO9001 quality management system certification version of the work, in early 2009 passed the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification.

Company to "technology, quality, innovation" for the development of ideas, built with the international level of engine manufacturing, vehicle assembly, electrostatic spraying and other high-tech production lines and modern technology centers and testing centers. Now has five advanced motorcycle assembly line, with two modern non-mandatory rhythm engine ring assembly line, and from Japan, Taiwan, the introduction of high-tech processing center more than 90 Taiwan, Taiwan from the introduction of modern electrostatic spraying production line three. Companies to a large number of foreign imports of equipment and advanced detection equipment with scientific management for quality assurance, is to form an annual output of 1 million vehicles, the engine capacity of 1 million units. The company actively return to the community, has repeatedly donated charity, in 2008 alone donated 10 million yuan to support the harmonious development of society.

In the future, Zhongxing Group set more than 20 years of precipitation to build motorcycles, electric cars, engine products, the company's collective wisdom once again sublimation, is a high starting point, high standards and high demand for the company, Business and the vast number of consumers to provide the most competitive products for the purpose, so that the most common working class can also ride a high-quality brand car is our wish to become "Volkswagen Star" is our eternal pursuit.

  • Founded in 1991

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    More than 90 units were introduced

  • Annual output of 1 million vehicles


Today and the future, the passion of technology, never change

  • · Embrace change - embrace change, and be creative

  • · Create change, and bring performance breakthroughs

  • · Standing in the customer's position, thinking about the problem

  • · The success of a company is accomplished by everyone's strength

  • · Belief in the ideal of carrying out all tasks

  • · Top talent: "people are the star's real estate."."

  • · The construction of the commander: straight out ideas

  • · Qualified supervisor and wise management model

  • · Proactively solve problems for customers at work

  • · Today and tomorrow, the passion for technology never changes


Enterprise top ten core thinking


Today and tomorrow, the passion for technology never changes

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