1, full of electricity: Under normal circumstances, the pointer turns green, you need to re-charge 1-2 hours; a full charge time in about 8 hours.

2, control bearing capacity: for electric vehicles, the greater their own load, the more power consumption. So be sure to in the range of electric vehicle weight, do not overload, to avoid increasing the burden of electric vehicles.

3, to avoid urgent emergency stop: a short time to stimulate the frequency of the battery, not only will increase its discharge efficiency, reduce the battery capacity, but also cause damage to the electric vehicle controller and brake pads.

4, uniform speed: 25-35KM / H uniform driving time and distance are the longest.

5, so that the tire to maintain a high pressure: When the electric car tires remain at a high pressure, not only will reduce the degree of bumps on the way to run, because of stones and other objects caused by discomfort, but also reduce the tire and the road Friction coefficient, which can increase the effect of driving mileage