要养成当天使用当天充电的习惯,每天骑行不管多远距离,回来都要充满待用。千万不可等电池电量用尽以后再充电。电池在长期停用前一定要先充满电,然后在规定的环境中存放。虽然不用,每个月也要充电一次,这是保护和延长铅酸电池寿命的重要措施  winter should be charged

To develop the day to use the day of the habit of charging, riding every day no matter how far away, come back to be filled with. Do not wait for the battery to run out after the charge. The battery must be fully charged before long-term deactivation, and then stored in the specified environment. Although it is not necessary to charge once a month, this is an important measure to protect and extend the life of lead-acid batteries


winter should be maintenance

With a damp cloth to the outside of the battery scrub again, the panel, stigma (that is, positive and negative two poles) of dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause leakage of dirt wipe clean. Often scrub the battery stigma, not only the white acid powder will not accumulate in the above, and the battery life will be longer than expected.