1, long-term use of electric vehicle batteries will lead to battery water loss. Electric car in the use of 8-10 months or when charging the power box when the best hot to the professional maintenance point for the depth of maintenance.

2, when the battery aging, capacity decline, the continued mileage will become shorter, but the following does not belong to the battery when the problem will lead to continued mileage shorter:

A, when the motor efficiency is reduced, the useless work increased, wasting electricity, so that the continued mileage shorter;

B, poor quality charger charging the battery every day when the charge, so that the battery capacity is insufficient to cause the daily mileage of the daily decline shorter;

C, the controller does not make the electric car start power is too large, start time is too long and waste of electricity, resulting in electric car continued mileage shorter;

D, low-quality electric car parts of the friction coefficient is too large, or mechanical transmission power is too large, can also cause waste of electricity, resulting in shorter mileage.

3, electric car continued mileage in a short time suddenly dropped more than ten kilometers, it is likely that the battery pack at least one battery dislocation, plate softening, plate active material off and so on. At this point, should be promptly to the professional battery repair institutions to check, repair or with groups. Electric car battery One or several of the battery failure, the entire group to replace, not a separate exchange of which there is only the fault of the battery, otherwise the new battery will cause great harm.