1)how to properly charge?


1、when the electric car on the power indicator pointer at the lowest or near the lowest position, the electric car is the best charge, is conducive to the battery life. If the daily mileage of 5-10KM, it is recommended that you do not charge, that is not to short mileage, ground charge. Otherwise it will cause the battery life to terminate prematurely. Charging time control in 4-12 hours, not long charge.

2、Battery loss storage seriously affect the service life, if the longer the idle time, the battery damage is also more serious. Batteries need to be placed for a long time must first fully charged, usually every month full of electricity once.

3、the charger to use the manufacturers supporting the charger, to avoid bad charger charge bad battery, the charger placed in a cool and ventilated place, to avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let the water into the charger to prevent electric shock. Connect the battery before charging, then plug the power. After charging the first power, then pull the battery side.